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How BlaBla Works – The High Earning Ride Share Platform

We all at some point have thought of this carpool idea for a startup but, Frédéric Mazzella was the first one to turn it into reality. BlaBla a high earning rideshare platform was introduced in the year 2004. This idea strikes him when on holidays he wanted to go home but had no vehicle. The trains were full too. At this point, he realized that the majority of people with cars were moving back home with the rest of their seats vacant. 

    “Necessity is the mother of invention”.

So the rideshare platform took birth too. 

BlaBla is a trusted community of more than 90 million drivers as well as consumers in more than 22 countries. Isn’t it a great idea to earn as well as protect the environment. BlaBla helps connect people with long-distance travellers driving towards the same location.

According to a survey, people are now shifting towards carpooling as their first preference.

BlaBla Working model

Blabla has an application with two different types of services. This rideshare app offers a consumer to find a ride for a particular location. On the other hand, consumers are also allowed to offer a ride to the people. 

 For instance,

A owns a car and plans to travel from Delhi to Chandigarh the next day. All he has to do is open the app and click on offer a ride. 

whereas, B is a person who does not own a car for long travels and opts for carpooling shall open the app and click on find the ride 

Now the app intelligence connects the supplier and the seeker. It helps change the contact details and provides a real-time chat area to clarify matters.

Revenue insights of rideshare platform

As already discussed this carpool software is running in 22 countries. And each country has different revenue insights.

Important facts:

  • This rideshare platform collects commission from between 10 to 15% of the total ride cost from the ride provider.
  • Its ride-sharing management software ensures to add caping over the prices and does not let the rider exploit the consumer by overcharging. 
  • Generally, In non monetised countries payment is made to the ride provider after the ride in cash or through online payment gateways.
  • In countries with paid connections, the rideshare software collects payment from the consumer and pays it to the ride provider after deducting their commission.
  • BlaBla has yet not monetised its connecting services in all the countries. India is one of the countries where it is still focusing on capturing the market area.
  • The revenue income of BlaBla in other countries is through the transaction fees, booking charges or commission. 
  • The consumer pays the booking charges and commission is charged from the rider.

Why do people prefer BlaBla?

Blabla is the leading car-sharing platform that provides the simplest user face with maximum information. It is hassle-free and with the help of technology even safer. GPS tracking and consumer reviews help create authenticity. It reduces the fear of travelling with strangers. Also, the world binds together. Moreover, it has controlled 45% of pollution as per the 2018 survey.

Still, wondering about How to build your rideshare app? 

If you are an enthusiast to capture the market, then your primary task is to open a BlaBla Clone app. An application that can help you run your carpooling business smoothly and efficiently.  Here is why you should choose Jugnoo for creating your clone app. Jugnoo allows you to create rideshare applications with professional experts who can smartly fulfil the requirements.

This is the right time to rock and roll into the market as due to the COVID 19 situation people are losing interest in using public transport and preferring more carpooling options

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